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Manhattan tech tools and gadgets help teachers, students, parents and admins take control of distance learning objectives.

USB-C Charging Cabinet

Distance Learning Tech Tools for a Great Workspace

A great remote learning workspace starts with the right equipment. We recommend a multiport docking station you can put at the back of your desk or setup to keep wires out of the way. When it’s plugged into your laptop, the docking station’s wide array of ports let you use more devices at once to increase productivity. Connect high resolution monitors on the HDMI and VGA ports to expand a visual desktop. The station's extra USB ports also let you connect these great devices (which you can also find here):

Need a wired connection to the network? A few of our docking stations and network adapters include an Ethernet port that supports Gigabit speeds. If you just need more USB ports, consider one of our USB Hubs.
We offer a wide variety of great essentials for remote learning, and we’ve put them all here to help you get setup for success. Shop now!


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