High Speed HDMI Cable

4K@30Hz, 3D, HDMI Male to Male, Shielded, Black, 1.8 m (6 ft.)

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HDMI Cable High Speed – high-definition performance for your enjoyment

With HDMI as the standard for digital audio/video connections, it's essential to have a quality HDMI cable that links your source to your screen. This quality HDMI cable 4K connects your Blu-ray player, computer, gaming console or other compatible source to a 4K UHD, 1080p Full HD or even 720p HD TV, putting your entertainment in the best light. Whether you need an HDMI cable for TV or an HDMI cable for monitor, this HDMI 1.3 cable provides the necessary link to either, supporting speeds up to 10.2 Gpbs and 340 MHz frequencies, offering high-definition video and multichannel, digital audio with increased performance characteristics, greater accuracy and reduced possibility EMI interference. 

    • HDMI cable - 4K@30Hz resolution supports video resolution beyond 1080p; up to 1080p resolution in 3D and Deep Color
    • Compatible with any HDMI device, such as Blu-ray, game consoles, stereos and PCs
    • Compliant with High Speed HDMI specifications
    • Double shielded to reduce EMI and other interference sources
    • Molded PVC boot
    • Lifetime Warranty

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