Phone Sanitizer with Qi™ Wireless Charger

UVC Sanitizing Box, 10 W Qi™-Certified Wireless Charging Pad, White

  • 2-in-1 device: UVC sanitizer box and 10 W Qi™-Certified Wireless Charger

  • Sanitizes smartphones, earbuds, keys, credit cards, and more

  • UVC technology kills the germs and bacteria - safe cleaning without heat, liquids or chemicals

  • SKU: 102407

Your phone is dirtier than you think

Clean it with our Phone Sanitizer

Your smartphone can hold 10 times more germs than surfaces you think of as "unclean." On any given day you end up touching countless objects that are potentially ridden with bacteria and viruses. Door handles? Yep. Grocery carts? Check. Toilet seats? Oh yes. And whatever you touch with your hands can end up on your phone. That phone you press against your ear. That phone your toddler likes to put in their mouth. That one electronic device, which many of us use the most each day, can harbor an average of approximately 20,000 distinct types of bacteria. Knowing this, how often do you really properly clean it? And if you do clean it, are you sure you're getting the bacteria and viruses that can hide in its tiny cracks and crevices?

Sanitize your phone and much more with UVC ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI)

The Manhattan Phone Sanitizer with Qi™ Wireless Charger quickly kills off a plethora of germs, bacteria and viruses*.

Simply place your smartphone in the box and close the lid. Six powerful lights hit the exposed surfaces with germicidal UV waves to eradicate up to 99.9 percent of germs in just five minutes. An acoustic signal and a status LED let you know when the cleaning cycle is complete for that side. It doesn't just clean your phone either. This sanitizing box works on credit cards, jewelry, earbuds, key chains, and more.

If it fits in the device bay, you can safely sanitize it with the Manhattan Phone Sanitizer.

Qi™-Certified Wireless Charging

Simple and Fast Phone Charging

Your compatible devices get even more with our Phone Sanitizer's built-in wireless charging pad.

If your phone, phone case, earbuds or smartwatch supports the function, the included wireless charger makes it easy to get power back into your device fast. With a dedicated charging pad, there's no need to find the right cable or worry about slower charging from a low-amp wall charger every time you need power. Once you set your device on top of the Phone Sanitizer case, it gets the fastest charge it can handle — from 10 W, 7.5 W or 5 W. The LED "breathes" to let you know it's charging.

Now Available!

Our UV-C Phone Sanitizer, model 102407, is ready for shipping.
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