1600 W Charging Cart with 48 USB-A Ports and 48 AC Outlets

USB-A Ports with Power per Port up to 2.4 A / 5 V, AC Outlets in Rear-Mount PDUs, Disinfecting UVC LEDs, Spacious Device Bays, Lockable, Surge Protection, White/Orange

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UVC Charging Cart - a mobile charging solution for educational environments, hospitality and more

Device management, cleanliness and charging are easy with the Manhattan UVC Charging Cart with 48 USB-A Ports and 48 AC Outlets. It's the ideal charging solution for schools, restaurants, gyms, doctor’s offices, universities, hotels, car rental agencies and more. The built-in UVC LEDs help deactivate harmful pathogens for increased peace of mind and user safety.

Multiple options for all devices

With power per USB port up to 2.4 A, smartphones, tablets and other USB devices are ready to go in no time. The front-mounted LEDs show you when a battery is fully charged. The AC outlets available on the PDUs are great for securely charging other devices such as laptops, notebooks and more. The charging cabinet also protects devices against overload, overcurrent, short-circuit, voltage spikes and even lightning strikes.

Ozone-free UVC cleaning

The Manhattan UVC Charging Cart with 48 USB-A Ports and 48 AC Outlets quickly kills off a variety of germs without liquids, heat or chemicals. Simply connect devices in their bays, close the door and let the timed UVC system do its work. Exposed surfaces are bathed in sanitizing UV light, and devices emerge energized for the next group of people to use.

Physical security is key

Thieves and vandals don’t stand a chance against the sturdy, durable steel housing of this Charging Cart. Its key-lock helps keep devices secure. The reversible glass and steel doors help provide better access to your devices to complement the space and confines of where you store the cart. Its heavy-duty caster wheels let you roll the cart where you need it; two wheel locks let you easily secure the cart in place.

Organized and versatile

Keep your devices organized in the 48 bays that offer plenty of space (380 x 30 x 280 mm / 14.96 x 1.18 x 11.02 in.), even for bulky cases. Use the built-in cable-management clips on the bay dividers to structure your charging cables (available from Manhattan). The AC input on the back is a C20 connector that lets you replace the included power cable with other cables based on the region you take the cart to.

  • Safely stores, charges and disinfects smartphones, tablets and notebooks up to 15.6"
  • USB-A charging ports (48 total) with power up to 2.4 A / 5 V per port on the front
  • AC outlets (48 total) in PDUs mounted on the back
  • Protection against overload, overcurrent, short circuit, voltage spikes and lightning strikes
  • Sturdy, secure, powder-coated metal housing; 3-point door lock on front and back; two included keys
  • Reversible safety glass door on the front to view status LEDs and devices; can be opened 270°
  • Reversible steel door on the back to protect the PDUs; can be opened 270°
  • LED indicators for easy status monitoring
  • Spacious bays (380 x 30 x 280 mm / 14.96 x 1.18 x 11.02 in. each) with cable management built into the dividers
  • Integrated UV LEDs to eliminate 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria
  • Ozone-free UVC technology for safe sanitizing without heat, liquids or chemicals
  • Safety mechanism that automatically turns off the UV light when door is opened to avoid damage to eyes and skin
  • Silent fan and ventilation slots for maximum airflow and cooling efficiency
  • Sturdy, stainless handle and four heavy-duty wheels
  • Round edges to avoid injuries in busy environments
  • Earthing kit included
  • Universal AC input with C20 connector; power cable with C19 to regional AC plug included
  • Supports 1600 W power output max. (US only)
  • Three-year warranty


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