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  1. 207799 (small)
    1080p HDMI Repeater Active, USB Powered, Distances up to 45 m (150 ft.), Black Model Number: 207799
  2. 207959 (small)
    1080p HDMI over IP Extender Splitter Kit Extends 1080p Signal up to 120 m (396 ft.) with a Network Switch and Single Ethernet Cable, IR Support, Black Model Number: 207959
    Special Price $125.99 Regular Price $139.99
  3. 207836 (small)
    Receiver for 1080p 4-Port HDMI Extending Splitter Transmitter Receives One Input Signal from Transmitter up to 50 m (165 ft.), Single Ethernet Cable per Receiver, use with 207829, Black Model Number: 207836
  4. 207706 (small)
    4K Compact 4-Port HDMI Splitter 4K@30Hz, AC Powered, Black Model Number: 207706
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